I might as well try to do something that makes me happy— AfroPolymath

My Channel Banner from 2020

Oh yeah, it’s time to get serious about this anti-work journey by resuming all the creative projects I’ve been putting on hold. I’ve chosen content creation to be my escape vector from the indignities of racialized existence. While my coercion is set to end within two months, I’m putting my…

I am learning the languages of the BRICS organization.

I have begrudgingly come to respect Windows sytems

Dreadlocks started again, techno-scumbag ensemble complete

Finished Uncle Tom’s Children this morning.

Let not one say our rage is not justified

Finsished reading Escape from Freedom

The soultions to prevent fascims have been present for nearly seventy years.

But there is no will among those who benefit from those who benefit…

Finished reading the Mass Psychology of Fascism.

Nothing has fundamentally changed except for the rapid dispersal of information and communication among the masses, but the greater failure is the inability…

I have to learn about electronics outside of institutions due to persistent anti-Blackness. It is going to be difficult but worth it in the end.

Jonathan Thomas

Dislocated African, Conditional Human and Citizen of Global Majority

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